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Stump Grinding - Molina's Tree ServiceMolina’s Tree Service eliminates stumps in the Raleigh area with expert stump grinding equipment. In the natural life cycle of trees, one will sprout up, mature and eventually die. Since every tree eventually goes through this cycle, it is inevitable that stumps will be left behind from past trees.

The problem is, these stumps are unsafe, ugly and can cause many other problems. As the stump rots, insects will feed off the decomposing biological material. Once the material is no longer there, rodents and other small mammals will also move into the empty space since it provides an open, underground nesting area. This empty space can become a hazard if you walk over it and it caves in. Before it rots, there is also danger in tripping over a stump or hitting one with the long mower.

Customers’ biggest complaint is usually just the unsightly appearance of a large dead protrusion coming out of the ground. Removing the stump with a stump grinder is a process Molina’s has perfected and can be usually done in a single visit. Do not rent expensive equipment and hope you will be able to complete the job to the same quality as professionals. You may be able to, but it also may be a lot of money and effort wasted before just calling us in to fix the job. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give an estimate and rid you of your stumps for good.

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