Tree Removal

There are many reasons you may need a tree removed from your property. If you’re lucky, it is a simple matter of cutting the tree down and removing it from the property. Often, these jobs are a lot more complicated though, and it is unwise to move forward with an inexperienced contractor or, even worse, to assume you can do the job yourself.

The downsides of improperly removing a dead or problem tree are numerous and could have significant consequences. Large branches or entire trees can fall onto a home, a vehicle, a power line, another adjacent property or, God forbid, a person. Having the right equipment for the exact procedure that needs to take place is vital.

Molina’s Tree Service is bonded and insured with access to all the proper equipment for the job. We also have the experience to know just what kinds of trees are in Raleigh and the greater Triangle, what problems they encounter and how to most safely and efficiently solve them. Molina’s also will not leave anything behind. We make sure the job is completed professionally and after the tree and the worry are removed, so is any debris or evidence of the problem.

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