Tree Trimming & Pruning

Without trimming and pruning, a tree can go from being a beautiful centerpiece of your property to a hazardous eyesore. Molina’s Tree Service is a Raleigh area expert in trimming and pruning. Sometimes a customer just requests a one-time pruning when they notice a problem has developed, but we recommend routine work to prevent these issues from forming in the first place.

When limbs become diseased and die, they can become a safety risk for your property. They can fall onto cars, residences, utility lines or even people walking underneath. To prevent this, identifying and removing these branches while they are small is important. Diseased limbs can also spread their sickness, affecting the overall health of the tree itself.

There are aesthetic reasons to trim and prune as well. Having a tree that looks its best will add to the curb appeal of your property. Unsightly branches should be regularly pruned and trimmed from your trees to bring them to their optimal state both visually and health-wise.

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